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Macron’s video message to Morocco receives mixed opinion


Macron’s video message to Morocco receives mixed opinion

French President Emmanuel Macron has shared a video message expressing support and solidarity with Morocco following the devastating earthquake that struck the country last week. 

In the video, which was posted on social media platforms, Macron conveyed his deep concern and offered assistance to Morocco during these challenging times. 

Macron’s video message comes in the midst of diplomatic tensions between France and Morocco. Despite these strained relations, the president took the opportunity to extend a hand of friendship and support to Morocco and its people. 

In the video, Macron said “We are at your side today and tomorrow,” emphasizing France’s commitment to helping Morocco in the aftermath of the earthquake. 

The French president expressed the shock and sorrow that France felt in response to the tragic event and offered direct humanitarian aid.

Macron also noted the importance of respecting Morocco’s sovereignty in organizing international aid efforts. He said, “It is obviously up to His Majesty the King (Mohammed VI) and the government of Morocco to organize international aid in complete sovereignty, and we are available to respond to their sovereign choice.”

Macron urged an end to the divisive debates and controversies surrounding the situation, calling for unity and cooperation in the face of the humanitarian crisis.

France’s offer of aid, amounting to five million euros, was made to support Moroccan NGOs already involved in relief and recovery efforts. 

Despite Morocco’s decision not to accept direct assistance from France, Macron pledged France’s commitment to providing long-term humanitarian, medical, and reconstruction support.

The video message is seen as an attempt by Macron to mend relations between the two nations and demonstrate France’s willingness to assist Morocco during this difficult period. 

Macron urged everyone to respect the victims of the tragedy that has befallen Morocco.  

“I would hope that all debate that divides, and that complicates this moment that is already so tragic, will cease as a matter of respect for everyone,” Macron said.

Since the quake, a growing number of concerned Moroccans are criticizing the French media’s coverage of the tragedy.

The central point of contention revolves around one question: Why did Morocco not accept France’s aid?

This focus has shifted attention away from the actual crisis and, in the eyes of many, turned Morocco’s stance into a political matter, inadvertently casting France as a “victim” in the narrative that is being publicized by French media outlets.

It’s worth noting that, thus far, France has not extended assistance through the European Union, a step that could formalize aid and expedite the process.


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